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Welcome to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s first Special Interest Tourism newsletter!

Whilst everyone is familiar with the island’s wonderful weather and beautiful beaches, there is so much more waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, all year round. These ‘extra’ elements that come under the umbrella of Special Interest Tourism complete and enhance the Cyprus experience.


Cyprus EU Presidency

Cyprus EU Presidency: Hospitality in the Sun

Cyprus has been at the centre of Europe since July 1 after taking the helm of the EU Presidency - a position it will hold until December 2012. ...Read More

Surf n’ Sail Like a Champion

Surf n’ Sail Like a Champion

Sailing in Cyprus recently hit the headlines thanks to Pavlos Kontides who won the island’s first Olympic medal when he took the silver at the London 2012 Olympics. ...Read More

Cycling Pros

The Favourite Choice for Cycling Pros!

What do a Czech, a German and a Russian Olympic medallist all have in common apart from their sporting achievements?  ...Read More

Clean Eco Beaches

Clean Eco Beaches for Humans… and Turtles!

The coasts of Cyprus are not just popular with humans… they are also home to rare turtles that lay their eggs on beaches all over the island. ...Read More

Cyprus Herbs

The Power of Cyprus Herbs

Visitors to the island can learn all about Cypriot herbs and how to use them at the Aromatic and Healing Herbs of Cyprus Conference and Expo, which takes place annually. ...Read More


A Rich Winemaking History

Autumn is a particularly important time for the wine-producing villages of the Troodos mountain range because it heralds the end of the grape harvest....Read More

Local Recipes

½ kilo skinless boneless chicken breast (cut into strips)
125 ml Commandaria wine
2-3 Cinnamon sticks
Corn or sunflower oil for frying
Salt and pepper ...Read More

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